Whirligig chapter 1

And Mac would try very hard not to feel a little self-conscious about her arrival time. She was the one who'd betrayed him. Mac shook her head as she settled into her chair for the rundown meeting.

She turned and headed towards security, trying to banish images of smirking colleagues from her head. No one paid her any particular attention at all. Because apparently sometimes she still mattered to him, probably in spite of himself.

Whirligig - Chapter 3, The Afterlife Summary & Analysis

She tells Brent that she wants him to build whirligigs in Washington, California, Florida, and Maine to memorialize Lea. I would appreciate it, at least.

Late for her though. Not most of them at least. Not when Mac got in at her usual time at least. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides for challenging works of literature.

So, pathetic as it was, she still loved him. Organize a Valentine's day gift from the office. Share Chinese food after a long day. But Mac was definitely experiencing minor issues of some kind.

A perfect cup of coffee, exactly when it was needed on a bad morning. Your review has been posted. Maybe Sloan would be in a meeting Unfortunately her office was on the opposite side of the bullpen from the doors.

She even has a plan. Maybe Sloan would single in on him as a potential paramour.

Whirligig Chapters 1&2

She had her pride. Share Chinese food after a long day. She'd tried when she'd been embedded after he'd ordered her out of his life. The notion that Will might understand more about the structure of her mind than anyone on the planet bounced around her subconscious for the entire rundown meeting, picking up steam, only to re-emerge in the foreground of her mind when she was back in her office and finishing up the coffee he'd brought her.

Until one day, they stopped frightening her. That had resulted in a delay of at least ten minutes.

Whirligig - Chapter 1, Party Time Summary & Analysis

And she was not going to create some kind of ridiculous diversion. I started writing this in about May, way before S2 aired. Instead she pushed her wistfulness aside in favour of starting the meeting, asking in a loud and cheerful voice for story ideas.

Whirligig - Chapter 1, Party Time Summary & Analysis

It was awfully inconvenient sometimes, working with a man you were still in love with. Whirligig. A/N: This was written for hetbigbang, and is fairly long. My current plan is to post a chapter a day, approximately. I started writing this.

Whirligig Summary and Study Guide

Chapter 1, Party Time Summary Brent Bishop, the new kid in eleventh grade, has just committed social suicide at the party he counted on to make him cool. Drunk, enraged and humiliated, he decides real suicide is the only future he wants.

Whirligig Chapters 1&2

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Whirligig chapter 1
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